About Us

The production story which started in Bursa with two weaving machines, five personnel and annual 10 tons of towel production capacity in 1971 has today 122.000 square meter of closed area and 30% of the home textile market in Turkey with annual 14.000 tons of cotton yarn production, 10.000 tons of towel production and 18.000.000 meters of home textile production in the facilities. 

Production is carried out in a fully integrated way from raw cotton to cotton yarn, from yarn to weaving and from dyehouse to manufacturing in Özdilek production facilities. 

Quality process, starting with the selection of raw cotton, results in process control at each step of the production and quality control in the final product. The yarn produced in Özdilek facilities is used in all towels - bathrobes with Özdilek label. 

Özdilek ranks in the first 6 in the world and 1 place in the Europe in terms of towel - bathrobe manufacturing with its quality and production capacity carried out in the facilities integrated by completely modern technology and automation. Özdilek which annually invests to developments in technology due to its company vision and sense of quality became one of the world's companies producing quality towel - bathrobe and had its brand acknowledged by the whole sector. 

Özdilek brings 30 millions of USD to our country as a result of exports made to more than 20 countries including USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Russia, Turkic Republics, Saudi Arabia, Greece and Dubai.

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